Organizational Strength Building

Nautic7 strengthens organizations. Sailing, a new and exciting environment for most people, is the optimum setting for our professional facilitators to build upon the organizational strengths within your company. First, we identify personal strengths. Then we conduct exercises out on our fleet of new sailboats to sharpen and improve your teams into finely tuned units. The result: highly productive teams, working better together in the office. Such improvements can improve project management, reduce costs, provide innovative solutions and increase retention. .

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Fractional Ownership for Manufacturers

Fractional yacht ownerhsip is now a major trend shared by many consumers. If developed correctly, a manufacturer can provide a quality fractional solution to it's potential customers giving all the benefits of 100% ownership while leaving behind the responsibilities and costs for the consumer. Nautic7 uniquely combines fractional ownership and technology to provide fractional boating solutions to manufacturers, dealers and consumers. Visit Beneteau Fractional Yachting, or Sail the world with Seafaring360, Nautic7's latest addition.

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Corporate & Social Chartered Events

Nautic 7 creates and hosts events out on its fleet of sailboats in Austin Tx. Events range from fun, team building and bonding exercises to corporate celebrations and off-site meetings. Nautic 7 also hosts a stimulating atmosphere on the water for fun social outings with friends and family, or even romantic getaways. Let Nautic7 design the perfect setting for you on our new fleet of Beneteau sailboats in Austin, Tx.

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Learn to Sail

You can merely learn to sail or you can master the art and science of sailing. Nautic7's alliance with NauticEd can help you integrate sailing into your life. NauticEd has a wide range of online sailing and boating education lessons that you can take at your own pace. Once you've completed the theory online boating and sailing courses, you can visit one of NauticEd's affiliated practical training schools.

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