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Learn to sail with NauticEd online sailing courses with up-to-date information regarding safe and knowledgeable operations aboard modern 30-50 foot vessels.

The Online sailing training is offered via 10 key learn to sail modules.  In each module, students learn important sailing lessons about various aspects of boating.  Testing is then conducted via NauticEd's proprietary e-Learning and e-Testing technology and a sailing certification is awarded.

Module cover everything from basic learn to sail techniques to navigation and safety. Specialized clinics are also conducted to improve sailing skills.  Sailing certification levels mark each student's progress in depth of knowledge.

Upon passing tests, certificates are provided to students. An online, personalized resume is also available, which shows each student's sailing certification levels. This resume can show charter companies worldwide the competency of the student.

NauticEd students can return to add sailing certifications, get re-certified, and to update and improve theoretical and practical sailing skills. While NauticEd is not a USCG or international captain's course, you will be well on your way to understanding the theory required to pass the Captains course tests. Plus the online resume will allow you to record and accumulate your time on the water, since the USCG and many countries require at least a year on the water to receive the qualification.

No matter if you are looking for a sailing school in San Diego, San Francisco, Annapolis or the middle of the Mojave Dessert, Online sailing lessons are immediately available to you now.

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