In addition to practical instruction, Nautic7 provides an array of practical, sailing-related exercises and activities that focus on building high performing teams and developing leaders.  These activities are incorporated into customized programs for each client.  When applied in conjunction with facilitated sessions, the exercises are designed to address all the key elements and competencies that contribute to successful teams in almost any business environment.

Sailing is an exceptionally good way to train high performance teams.  Whether for business, education, sport or just socially, sailing is stimulating.  It is an opportunity for organizations that value the contribution of their teams to enhance the performance of the organization as a whole.  Furthermore, since each voyage is different and the experience is the psychological creation of those aboard, sailing allows for experimentation, learning and changing which can then be applied—and valued—in the workplace.

In addition, it's notable that the external conditions on a yacht can change in a few hours from idyllic and sublime to severely testing and even stressful.  Such circumstances simulate the dynamic environments that organizations today have to face and adapt to.

Our programs are tailored to meet the specific requirements of each client and range from one- to two-day programs, and incorporate one or more of the specially designed exercises

We provide sailing captains and team facilitators for the training programs, or you can provide your own facilitator, who we will train on each exercise prior to the event.

The Nautic7 Fleet
Our modern fleet of sailboats are kept in world-class condition and used regularly by our Membership.  Your team will feel comfortable and safe once they step aboard. Each sailboat is fully appointed with all the safety equipment required and every captain is skilled.

Six participants per boat is ideal in terms of optimum team effectiveness and sailing requirements, but this can be adapted to accommodate different sized teams and program objectives.

For more information about how a Nautic7 Experiential Training Event can help you spark creative energy, foster innovation and build camaraderie,  contact us today.

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