Training Overview

You can learn to sail with the Nautic7™ Training Program. Whether you've sailed before or not, our training program can help you start from scratch or improve your skills to lead a crew and have fun sailing. 

When you join the Nautic7 Membership, we spend as much time with you as you need to become 100% confident that you know what you are doing and can command the vessel yourself in a variety of conditions. Our alliance with NauticEd, a non profit continuing education program will improve the depth of your theory knowledge as you become more practically proficient.

In fact, if you dream of captaining a boat on a bareboat yacht charter and sailing in incredible places like the Caribbean, the South Pacific or the Mediterranean, Nautic7 has just what you need.  Since we want to help you make your dream a reality, we offer our Skipper to Captain program.  This comprehensive program teaches in-depth skill and prepares you for the reality of coastal sailing in unfamiliar locations so that you and your crew can concentrate on the fun of destination sailing.

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