The Nautic7 Skipper to Captain Program

Nautic7's Skipper to Captain Program combines theory training with practical sailing experience, and serves two main purposes: The program offers three distinct levels of certification.  In the first tier, we take Members and get them up to speed with simple theory and practical training.  In the latter tiers, Members are able to go out on the water after achieving the appropriate levels of confidence in their skippering abilities and skills. Finally, Members can take part in a graduation to Captain by logging a Caribbean, Mediterranean or South Pacific destination.

When you take part in the Skipper To Captain program, the Nautic7 iBoat system monitors your progress.  It tracks the practical experience you gather while NauticEd tracks the theory certifications.  Best of all, they keep an online report and generate a personal sailing resume.  So when you need to provide your sailing information to charter companies, you can simply and conveniently send it via fax, email or on the Internet.  iBoat is so handy, the system updates your resume after each outing.

Your Nautic7 Resume includes:

Fractional Solutions

Own a Boat

Corporate Training

Charter a Boat

Go Shopping