Scheduling Your Sailing Reservations

It's a fact: Nautic7 Members get to sail more often. 

There are 60 sail reservations available each month per boat.  When it comes to understanding reality and everyone's busy schedules, most people sail approximately 3 times per month or with 8 members per boat, that's only 24 sailings a month that the boat is actually used. This leaves more than 50% of the availability open for you to use at your discretion using our 24 hour free sailing rule.  This gives you the flexibility and the spontaneity that you probably want—plus the ability to make self selected guaranteed reservations.

The Nautic7 Scheduler makes it all work.  And along with our iBoat electronic boat management technology, we make sure our boats are ready to go when you are.

Nautic7 Scheduler features include: Nautic7 Scheduler: See It For Yourself

Just as Nautic7 lets you experience the fun of sailing without the expenses and maintenance, the Nautic7 Scheduler lets you get out there sailing without figuring out who has the boat and whose turn it is.  The system is online, easy to use and always accessible. Simply point, click and go sailing.

Additional Features How It Works: iBoat

One of the most often questions asked of us is how do we handle Members' responsibilities towards each other? The answer: "iBoat".  iBoat is the tool that keeps all our Members in check and remaining consistently responsible.

With Nautic7's innovative iBoat Management System™, our boats are always in tip-top shape.  Maintenance is handled proactively using a wireless PDA on each boat.  Upon arrival and before departure, the Member logs the boat's condition into the PDA. 

If an item needs replenishing, the system recognizes it.  If something needs repair, the system handles it.  If a condition on the boat requires the attention of the Base Manager or the next-scheduled Member, an email notice is automatically sent out. All in all, iBoat ensures the boat is ready to sail when you are.

For example, if the galley is not clean, iBoat sends an email to the responsible Member to inform them of the situation. If fuel is low, or if the waste tank is getting full, iBoat tells the Nautic7 staff.

The sophistication of iBoat ensures our boats are always clean and ready for our users to have the best sailing experience.

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